Common Dreams and Their Meaning

Dreaming of Falling or Drowning

During the dream cycle our brains communicate with us using symbols and intuition.   When we decide we want to interpret these symbols we can solve our problems and see in to our futures.

On average, we dream anywhere from three to five times a night. Some can have as many as seven dreams.   During these dreams we have a chance to look at our problems objectively. Dreams also serve a “prospective function” This means that our brains use the dream cycle to give us a warning of future possibilities or turmoil.

 There are several common dreams. Here are a few:

Dreaming of Falling or Drowning

This is one of the most common dreams.  A dream of this kind means we feel that we have lost control over our lives. The dream of falling indicates insecurity, instability, or loss of self-confidence.   This dream also means that you are afraid of following your impulses because they may mislead you. If you are bothered by dreams of falling or drowning. look into your life and see what is challenging you.

Dreams of Being Naked

It is quite common to dream of being naked or partially clothed, particularly if your dreams finds you in a public place or situation.    This dream indicates your feelings of vulnerability and fear of exposure.

This kind of dream can also mean that you feel that you are a different person at work than you are at home or the other way around. This dream means that you are afraid of being unmasked. To rid yourself of this anxiety, set aside any preconceived notions and be yourself

Dreams of Losing or Missing Teeth

This very common dream can take different forms. You can dream of teeth rotting or falling out, losing teeth one at a time or even losing several at once.   These dreams commonly happen during times of great transitions, such as life changing events like marriage, death or menopause.

We see teeth as an indicator of health and beauty; thus, you can be dreaming of tooth loss because you are afraid of losing face in a situation in which you have no control.  Some cultures believe that dreaming of losing teeth means that you have eaten or said something you should have.

Dreams of Chasing or Being Chased

These dreams arise from anxiety and stress.   The chase is a symbol of facing problems in your waking life.  If you have a habit of turning away from things that need your attention, you may dream this. If you are avoiding a problem, you may have this dream.

If you are the one doing the chasing, you are trying your best to achieve something. Either way, take a look at your waking life and define what you are wanting.

Dreams of Death

Death is something that comes to all of us, yet we all are terrified of it.   We shouldn’t be scared of these dreams because like all dreams, these are just symbols.   Dreaming of death may mean you are moving into a new stage of your life. These dreams are about change.  For our change to happen, we need to look at our lives; these dreams may mean that you need to let go of past behavior and start something new.

If you dream of someone you have lost, your subconscious may be reminding you of something you admire or miss about them. It could also be that your loved one is taking the opportunity to say hello.

Dreams of Driving

If you dream that you are behind the wheel and your vehicle is out of control, it means you are afraid that you are not in charge of your own life. It may also mean that you need to move your life into another direction. It could also indicate that you are trying too hard and need to let go.

When you dream of delays or being lost, you should look at your current state of affairs. Something may need to be changed.  Crashing is a clear sign that you should slow down before you get hurt.

If you are not driving the car, it means you are passively following. If the car is out of control and you are a passenger, it means that you are not entirely comfortable with the direction your choices are taking you.

Final Thoughts

It has been said that dreams are a way for the universe to communicate with us in a way that we can understand and interpret, when and however we are ready for it. Remember, dreams can have different meanings for different people so use your intuition to find out what your dreams mean.