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Defining Your Dreams

Esteemed psychologist Carl Jung felt that that the dream world is an insight into the soul.  He felt that in sleep, one expresses their true ideas without interruption from their conscious self.

Dreams allow us a chance to look within ourselves and gain an understanding of the psychological changes we have gone through while we are awake.  Thus our dreams give us coded messages.

You can gain a lot of insight into your psyche by interpreting your dreams.  Keeping a dream journal is definitely an excellent way to begin. Keep your journal next to your bed so that you may record your dreams before you forget them.   You can also try setting an intention before you go to sleep.   You may also sleep better by not eating heavily before bed.

Here are a dozen of the most common symbols found in the dreams and their meanings. Please note that only you can truly understand and interpret they symbols in your own dreams:

1. Being chased

A memorable dream is image is the feeling of being chased. We remember feeling anxious and fearful.  The meaning in this kind of dream lies in what you’re running from.  Whatever it is, it symbolizes something you need to pay attention to in your waking life.

2. The people in your dreams.

The characters in our dreams can be representations of the different facets of ourselves. These people can give us an idea of which of our characteristics need help. If you remember something very specific about a person, this is definitely a sign of something you need to address.

3. Dreaming of a house

It is said that the mind is made up of several different layers of consciousness. When you encounter a house in your dream, it  can be seen as representative of the mind.  The different rooms and floors of the house are the various areas of the dreamer’s mind.  It is up to the dreamer to interpret the context of those rooms.

4. Dreaming of food.

When we dream of food  it means our minds hungering for something; knowledge.  Dreaming about food means that you are due for some new information and insights.

5. Dreaming about school or learning

If you dream that you are in a class or if you dream you are taking a test, it can be interpreted as your need to learn something from an experience, past or present. Take the time to see what needs further examination.

6 Dreaming about nudity

If you or someone else appears unclothed in your dream, it signifies that some aspect or emotion is being presented honestly and without pretense.

7.Dreaming of sex

If you dream about a sexual encounter it can represent the unity of subconscious wants and emotions with conscious awareness.  It can also mean that you want to create a new relationship with someone.

8. Dreaming of cars or other vehicles

If you dream about transportation it is simply a way to focus on the experiences happening in our waking life.  It also signifies the control we think we have over what we are doing.  The size and mode of transportation are all significant.

9.Dreaming about a baby

If you encounter a baby in your dream, it means that you are fostering a new idea or development and that you will have new growth in your life.

10. Dreaming of death

If you dream about death it signifies the moving from one major part of your life to another.  This dream shouldn’t scare you, death doesn’t actually mean death. It is just a sign that a transition is happening.

11. Dreaming of animals

Encountering animals in your dream is chance for you to take a look at your habits.  It can help you get some insight into your daily patterns.

12. Dreaming of falling.

If you dream of falling, it means that you are in the process of waking up.  Most of the time, you won’t actually finish the fall.  The fall itself can signify that you feel that part of your life is out of control.

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