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Dreaming about the Deceased

Dreaming about the Deceased

Mystics have claimed that when we dream, we can connect to other worlds. Throughout history, it has been believed that dreams of those who have passed on are signs that should not be ignored. When the dead visit our dreams with advice, messages, and warnings, they should not be ignored.

Interpretations of Nuances

A common assumption is that when talking to someone who has passed in a dream is a signal of life changes or unexpected news. Christian books often see this as a sign the deceased has not yet found peace. It is advised that extra ceremonies be held to meet the dead person’s wishes. However, Pagan interpretations simply say to obey what is said to avoid angering the gods. They mention that this may also be a good omen. Such as if the dead come back to life, something lost will be returned or found. An English dream analysis finds that this is a sign of something good within the family, while another says that if this type of dream occurs before a wedding the union is not a good one.

Dreaming of a Dead Relative

Since there is no definitive interpretation, you should consider the confounding factors. However, most agree that it is a warning about trouble coming, especially when it is deceased parents. There are times when a sleeping person can communicate with parents who have passed. This helps them find peace and confidence or can positively affect the success in a family or business. It is fully believed that these dreams are impossible to influence.

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