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Learn As Much With The Power Of Your Dream

      We all had dreams…, Some are crazy, some are inspirational, some are just something you cant explain and yet so many people shrug off their power. Back in ancient times, people studied the symbolism in their dreams to help them achieve their greatest desires, and defeat their enemies. Did you know you can do the same thing? All you need to do is understand how your dreams communicate to you. Read on to discover how you can transform your life with the power of your dreams.


In order to understand how our dreams are communicating to us, we must first understand what type of dream we are having. Some dreams tend to flow from our regular life into our waking, while other dreams shake us up, making us even question our reality. Here’s a list of some common types of dreams.

  • Prophetic – These dreams will foreshadow something that may happen in the future. Events could be positive or negative in nature. When you dream of someone’s death or an upcoming wedding, this is a prophetic dream.
  • Nightmares – Frightening dreams that are usually related to a problem occurring in real life. These are the scariest of all dreams, and the dreamer often remembers vividly what happened when they wake up.
  • Lucid – These dreams are where you are conscious the entire time, completely aware of what’s happening when it’s happening, when you’re dreaming. Many people use lucid dreams to astral travel, or work on a creative skill.
  • Archetype – These are very symbolic in nature, as they contain images of certain archetypes that exist in life. For example, dreaming of a circle could indicate completing a cycle, or events coming full circle.
  • Repetitive – When you dream of the same dream over and over again, this is repetitive. Your subconscious is likely trying to work through a common problem in your waking life, during your sleep time.


Many people remark that they don’t dream. But this simply isn’t true. You dream every single night. It’s just that you may not be remembering them. Here are some tips for remembering your dreams more often.

Tip 1: Keep a Dream Journal

As soon as you get up, the first thing you should do is stay still. Once you begin to move, you start forgetting anything that you may have been dreaming about. Always keep a notebook and pen by your bed. Write down whatever you can remember, in as many details, even if it’s just a fragment. The more you do this, the better you will get at recalling larger chunks of your dreams.

Tip 2: Watch What You Eat and Drink

What we eat and drink can greatly inhibit our ability to remember our dreams. Some food, like dairy, can cause very strange dreams or even nightmares. If you want to remember your dreams, avoid drinking alcohol, taking sedatives, or eating heavy meals before sleep.

Tip 3: Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule

If you constantly change up your sleeping patterns, it can be hard for you to remember your sleep. Try to stick to going to bed the same time every night, or as many nights as you can. The body craves consistency. If you have trouble sleeping, try meditating before bed. This will also aid you having very vivid dreams.

Tip 4: Tell Yourself You Want to Remember

As often as you can, throughout the day, say to yourself, that you want to remember your dreams. This helps program the brain that this is something that is important to you. Also, try stating out loud, before bed, something specific that you want guidance on in your dreams. You could even write it down in your dream journal. Don’t be surprised if you dream about that very thing that night.

Tip 5: Get Rid of Clutter

Have you created a pleasant environment for you to sleep in? Believe it or not, but clutter can be one of the biggest things that prevents you from remembering your dreams. Clear away any clutter on the bed, or surrounding it. The clutter prevents you from thinking clearly, both when we are conscious and asleep.


Whenever you dream about something, you may be tempted to look up the meaning online. But keep in mind that you are your own best interpreter. For instance, if you dream about snakes and love them in real life, this may be a positive sign for you. While someone who fears snakes, if they dream of one, it may be an indication that they need to avoid whatever is associating with the snake in the dream. Here are a few archetypes to get you started.

  • Circles – completion
  • Water – cleansing, transforming, renewal
  • House – problems in your body, building
  • Birds – peace, communication
  • Washing – cleansing

While dreams can be very confusing at first, once you understand your personal dream language, it opens up a world of opportunity. Your dreams are merely an extension of what is occurring in your waking state. If you can begin to master your dream life, you can master your waking life too. Happy dreaming.

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