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The Power of Your Dreams

      We all dream. There are many kinds of dreams. Some inspire us, some are just crazy.  Some depict things we can’t explain.  There is an inherent power in dreams, but many people choose to ignore it.For centuries, people have sought to interpret the meaning of dreams, whether it be to smite an enemy or to gain a fortune.   We are capable of the same thing.  All we have to do is understand what our dreams are trying to say to us.

There are several types of psychic dreams. There are some that are very common.  And, like other dreams they can move us seamlessly from our daily lives into a wild fantasy world, leaving us confused and questioning the realms of reason.

The  types of psychic dreams are as follows:

Prophetic- This time of dream will give us a clue about a future event.  The event can be positive or it can be negative. A common prophetic dream is of a death or wedding. This signifies a major life change.

Nightmare- This moves beyond the traditional scary dream. This bad dream is usually a manifestation of stress that we encounter in our daily life.

Lucid- Lucid dreaming, or dreams that in which your conscious for the entire dream is possible.   You can have a psychic dream in which you are totally aware of what is happening in the dream.  People who can dream in this way can project astrally.

Archetype-  This type of dream is extremely symbolic.  The imagery is directly connected to signs and symbols we see daily.

Repetitive-  This is a dream that you have a number of times. It can be the same event or different facets of the dream with similar circumstances.  It also possible to have dreams that are referential to other recurring dreams.  This kind of dream means that you’re trying to work through a problem. Your subconscious is just taking over some of the work for you.

A way to get the most out of your dreams is to remember them.  Most people dream every night; most of these dreams are forgotten within a few moments of waking.

There are few ways of remembering your dreams.

Start a dream journal.  The most accurate way to remember your dream is to stay quiet and still when you wake up.  Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and record what you remember of your dreams before you even get out of bed.  Once you have started this habit, you will be able to remember more and more of your dreams.

Your diet can affect your dream cycle.   If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your dreams, do not eat anything that can disrupt your sleep or keep you awake.

Don’t interrupt your sleep schedule.  Be as consistent as possible when it comes to bed time.  Go to bed at or around the same time every night.  Once you have established a specific sleep and wake time, you can try meditating or otherwise calming yourself before you got to sleep.

Talk yourself into it.  Let your brain in on your plans. Tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams.  This can help program you to remember what you are dreaming.  You may even try stating your intention aloud before you go to sleep.

Set an ideal stage.  Is a messy bedroom keeping you from relaxing?  Having an untidy sleep space may actually keep you from focusing on your dream.

Finding the meaning of your dreams

Dream dictionaries and online interpretations  are tempting, especially when a dream is particularly interesting or troubling.   This is not the best choice.  Only you can attribute  meaning to the symbols in your dreams.  However, there are a few symbols with universal meaning such as circles, which indicate the completion of a cycle or event.  Water means cleaning and transformation.  If you dream of a house, it means you may have physical health issues.   Birds indicate communication and peace.

Dreams only seem confusing.  When you begin to understand your pattern of dreams, you can glean the rich resources your subconscious lays out for you.

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