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Learning From Your Dreams

Learning From Your Dreams

Dreams can be an encouragement, a teaching tool, and can reveal things about yourself that you haven’t thought about consciously. Those who understand dreams benefit from the hidden wisdom in them.

Some dreamers are plagued with nightmares. Even though those can be scary, nightmares can also be used to unearth hidden fears so they can be resolved. They can be used productively if you know what they are trying to reveal.

One dream many, particularly women, find scary is the dream that their partner leaves them. This may not be a premonition but may reveal some genuine fears a person has regarding the relationship or perhaps their independence.

One reason this particular dream is so frightening is that it can happen in reality. Other nightmares are less realistic so people can push them aside as ridiculous fantasies. After all, there isn’t a jungle nor a 20-foot beast near the city where you live, right? However, your partner could leave or be taken. Being left alone can be a frightening thing.

There are a couple of reasons why people have this dream. There are also solutions to resolve the fears. Let’s take a look at three.

Your Partner Is Taking Unnecessary Risks

If someone has a partner who seems to be taking high risks with their safety or health, this can produce fears within you that you will lose them. High risks may include driving too fast or recklessly, substance abuse, illegal or even just shady activity, or neglecting their health. It doesn’t need to be something dramatic like running with the mob. It could be simply not keeping doctors’ appointments, ignoring medication, or drinking too much too often.

All of these things could set you into a spiral of concern for your partner’s well-being and, subconsciously, lead you to consider the possibility they won’t be around for a long time.

Resolving this problem can be simple or complicated, depending on your partner’s attitude. You should discuss these fears with your partner, express a concern for their health or well-being, and ask them to be more diligent. They may decide to do some things differently if they know it is deeply troubling you.

Lack of Security in the Relationship

A second reason you may be having these dreams is that you are insecure in the relationship. It’s good to self-analyze why you feel insecure. Maybe your partner is working late or not paying attention to you. Maybe you suspect cheating. Maybe your spouse isn’t treating you with respect.

It is also likely the insecurity is solely within yourself. Look at your past relationships and determine if you have always felt abandonment or insecurity. Be honest with yourself about the role you play in your current relationship.

Once you have figured out why you feel emotionally insecure, you can take steps to fix it. It could be talking to your partner, doing more things for yourself, or both of you working on building your relationship. It could also mean that digging deep will hasten the end of your relationship. Your dream may be trying to reveal this relationship isn’t the right one because it brings insecurity that is unreconcilable. You must be prepared for any outcome.

You Need Independence

Some may have these types of dreams because they have no control over the relationship and feel vulnerable. While it is not plausible in these modern times that one person is totally financially dependent on the other, it could be that you are in a situation where you aren’t sure what would happen if your partner left.

Perhaps you share an apartment or home you couldn’t afford on your own. Maybe you just got laid off or lost your business so you currently don’t have your own finances. You could be finishing your education while your partner is working. Perhaps you’re at home with the kids while your spouse works. Whatever the situation is, you are worried about how your life would be affected without your spouse.

This can be the easiest fix for all these problems. You need to gain some independence. That doesn’t mean not including your spouse in parts of your life. It means you need to do things that build your confidence that you are valuable on your own and could make it on your own.

That may mean getting a job or a side job, finding a hobby, or volunteering. You should find things that show your value to yourself and perhaps provide a little financial security. It is surprising how building a little confidence will go a long way to improving your relationship with your spouse. Your spouse will be attracted by your newfound confidence and happiness.

Dreams, even scary ones, are meant to help us. The secret to them is figuring out what they are telling us. The rest is pretty simple as we just follow guidance to improve our situations.

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