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Real life can be translated from dream movements

Real life can be translated from dream movements

Moving in our dreams usually feels very real to us at that time regardless of what we do. Our brains also seem to agree. Researchers have come to realize that we move in our dreams, this was after imaging the brains of people sleeping. The fire in the same pattern just like when we move into the real world.

Researchers are not aware of how our minds create dreams since we forget them as soon as we wake up. There are some neuroscientists who wanted to discover what individuals were doing in their dreams by using imaging techniques. They will need to know how their brain looks especially when undertaking a task in the dream for them to perform this technique. This isn’t an easy thing to do since many dreamers cannot control what they’re doing.

There are certain that dreamers encounter something called lucid dreaming, although this is very rare. Lucid dreaming means a sleeper knows that he or she is dreaming and can control the actions in the dream. Quite a number of individuals have experienced lucid dreams according to Dr. Dresler but few people experience them regularly. Some individuals can lucidly dream more often.

All you need to do is to write down dreams and stay committed to them so that you don’t forget them when dreaming.

Six individuals were recruited by Dresler and Czish. They had been trained in lucid dreaming. They were given instructions to dream that they were clinching either of their hands and let them fall asleep in a brain scanner. Once they started dreaming, they moved their eyes from left to right to let the researchers know. The researchers, therefore, checked them to ensure that they were actually dreaming. They then recorded their brain activity.

They found out that only two people were able to have lucid dreams in the noisy scanners. Dreams are not only represented as a visual scene. To make their findings stronger, the researchers decided to bring on board more lucid dreamers to find out whether the brain responds similarly to everyone. They are also hopeful to find out what really happens to the brain when dreamers undertake tasks such as walking, flying or even speaking. This will help them interpret dreams and comprehend how and the reason why the mind creates them.

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