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Reasons You Dream About Your Ex

Reasons You Dream About Your Ex

When you wake up from a dream about your ex, it can make you wonder what it means.  What is happening in the dream doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what is happening with your ex but it can be what you are going through.

Falling in Love

If you dream that you were falling in love all over again with your ex, chances are that you are dreaming about a love that you hoped for and a feeling that you have in your heart for them.  They will sometimes show up in your dreams and will be a part of your conscious mind when you haven’t been with someone for a while.

Your mind is reminding you of what love feels like and encouraging you to go and find someone new that can give you those same feelings.


If you dream about your ex, chances are that your mind is trying to help you get through your breakup.  You might wish you were still together or be glad that you are out of it, but chances are, your mind will want to help you to not hold on to guilt and to help you move on.

Saying Sorry

When you dream that your ex comes to you and tells you they are sorry or they want to be with you again, this can feel dream and make you wake up thinking your ex wants to get back together with you.

The truth is, this is what you are wanting, and you have to let it go and learn to move on.


If you dream that your ex rejects you and says they don’t want you, think of this just as how you felt when the relationship ended.  The dream was a conversation you were having with yourself, trying to give yourself good advice.


If you dream that you are fighting with your ex it is because your love is representing a battle that you are facing in real life.  If you are having a hard time at work or a hard time loving yourself, this could bring on the dream.  We are our worst critics in life.


There will always be some kind of connection with your ex, especially if you have children.  If you dream that you are getting along with your ex and you share children, chances are that your mind is showing you that you need to be kind in the breakup for your kids.

Someone that is divorced might keep dreaming about their ex and getting together with them because they want to do what’s best for the kids, even though this isn’t always the best option.

Fighting with Ex

If you have a dream that you and your ex are fighting and you have children with them, your dream might be trying to tell you to fix issues you have with them so you can get along for the children.

Figure out what makes you mad about them and try to fix it.

Toxic Relationship

If you dream about your ex having an affair or if you dream about them being abusive, chances are that you are trying to reason with yourself that you made the right choice.  You always make the right choice when you choose to leave a toxic relationship and your dream might be trying to show you that.

Speak with a therapist and be honest with yourself that the relationship was unhealthy.  Don’t be mad at yourself for leaving.


If you dream that you are having sex with your ex, then you need to make sure that you don’t go to them just for sex.  If you broke up, you don’t want to be having sex with that person.  You need to forgive yourself and realize that you learned a lesson and then move on.

Forgiveness is the only way that you will stop dreaming about this.

Annoying Habits

If you keep dreaming about annoying habits that your ex used to have, it is your mind reminding you as to why you broke up with them.

Don’t forget why the relationship didn’t work out.

Romantic Dreams

This type of dream probably isn’t about your ex but about someone that you wish you had dated.  You need to find someone in your life that brings you quality and makes you feel good.  Move on in life.

Confronting Someone

If you dream that you are confronting someone and you are emotional and aggravated, then you are trying to have a release in your life.  These dreams can feel realistic and you need to make sure that what happened to you that was negative doesn’t happen to you again.


You dream that you dated someone that ghosted you and this can mean that you have a hard time letting go of the past.  How long ago was this relationship?  Move on and don’t worry about being ghosted again, just take the signs and be prepared to let your heart love.

Physical Danger

If you dream that your ex is in physical danger and you are trying to save them, you might realize that you have a more confident and stronger personality than you did before.  Your mind might be telling you that you need to use those new skills for a better life.

Not Saving Them

If you have a dream that your ex is in danger and you aren’t trying to save them, this can be a good sign.  This can mean that you are moving on from your rejection and ready for a good life.

Killing You

If you dream your ex is killing, you then you are dreaming of change or the end of something.  Trust your body to think that it killed off bad feelings or negative things.

Killing Your Ex

If you have a dream that you are killing your ex, it means that you are holding on to feelings of rejection and frustration.  Get rid of these feelings and learn to move on and be happy.

Dating Someone Else

If you dream that your ex is dating someone else, know that your ex will have a life after you.  Learn to deal with these emotions and these scenarios that will eventually come true.  Find your own life after a breakup.

Spending Time with Their Family

If you dream that you are spending time with your ex’s family, you are dreaming this because you no longer are comfortable with them and with the life you had before.  Your mind is wondering where all of the comfort you felt before has gone.


No matter what you dream about your ex, remember he or she is that, your ex.  You have to learn to move on and figure out why the dream happened.

What in your relationship stood out and what is your current life like now?  Do you have a lesson to learn from this relationship?  Do your thoughts and emotions depend on the life you had with your ex?

Remember that a dream doesn’t really mean that you still have feelings for your ex, it can mean that they are bringing you a message or they can be bringing you signs that new relationships are coming.

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