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Sexy Dreams: What Does It Means?

Yes, fine. We sometimes fantasize having a good sex with our partner or the person we’re eyeing to be with. Sex can be a very powerful influence in our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. When we have dreams about sex, what does really mean? especially if we dream about someone we never thought of having sex with.

The Secrets of Sex Dreams

A dream lover enters your darkened bedroom. His face is hidden, but he somehow seems familiar. Anticipation escalates. He takes you into his arms, kisses you deeply and pulls you onto the bed. After a time, you gaze up at his face and are shocked to discover that you’re looking at your frumpy, middle-aged boss. What the heck? Are you struggling with understanding what sex means in your dreams or in your life and want some advice and guidance, give one of our experienced psychic readers a call and find your answers!

Relax, it’s Not About Sex

Okay, so you just dreamed of doing the deed with someone you’re not remotely, by any stretch of the imagination, attracted to (You can substitute your boss for a  friend, cheating ex-lover or a bear you just saw at the zoo). But don’t just dismiss the dream as ridiculous. The secret to interpreting its meaning is to realize that it’s probably not about sex at all. Although erotic scenarios can be the result of unfilled desires—or some wicked hormones—the dream character usually mirrors a quality within you. This quality may be in the developing stages or just something you want for yourself. 

Bears, Bosses and Powerful People

For instance, a naughty dream about the aforementioned bear at the zoo may indicate the need to break free of self-imposed limitations (the cage) and let yourself roar—that is, express your anger, individuality or creativity.

As for the sexy dream involving your boss, if he or she is good at what they do (in the boardroom, that is), then a sexy encounter may indicate you’re accessing your “inner boss” and taking charge of your career. Similarly, dreaming of sex with a powerful public figure means you’re embracing your own personal power. Or, it may indicate you’re too focused on power.

Nasty or Nice: Ex-lovers and Celebs

This brings up an important point when analyzing any dream: The meaning has a lot to do with how you feel about the dream characters. For example, if you dream about sex with an abusive ex-lover, ask yourself if you’re being too hard on yourself or others. If you dream of having sex with a celebrity you admire, ask yourself which traits that person has, such as talent, wealth or beauty, that you want for yourself.

When Sex Means Sex

If you dream of sex with your partner, chances are it’s about sex. Pay close attention to how you feel in the dream and upon waking. Feeling happy is a good sign that intimacy is thriving between you and your partner. If the main feeling is frustration, apathy, anger or some other negative emotion, then it’s time to work on the emotional/sexual connection in your relationship.

More Common Sex Dreams

If it is someone you know, sex with them in a dream means you’re taking on a quality that you most associate with that person. If the dream character is a female stranger, you’re embracing your feminine side (gentleness, passivity). If the stranger is male, you’re embracing your inner male (assertiveness, competitiveness).

Dream sex with a rapist could mean you may be giving your power away to a negative attitude, habit, person or situation in your life.

If you’re having sex with an angel in your dream, you’re getting in touch with your spiritual side—perhaps in a more personal way.

Happy dream sex with a demon means you’re accessing your creativity by exploring your dark side. If the dream evokes a negative feeling, then you’re taking on a destructive attitude, habit, person or situation.

Dream sex with a stranger means you’re developing a talent or trait that you were previously unaware of.

Dream sex with an animal means you’re getting in touch with your instincts or with a quality you perceive in that animal. Conversely, you may be letting your wild side run amok.

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