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Types Of Dreams And What Does It Shows

You woke up in a dream with all the bizarre/odd images, archetypes, and emotional feelings stirring inside of you. After a few moments between sleep and wake they hold your mind’s attention, before slowly drifting into the ether as you become more aware of your physical surroundings solidifying around you.

The more powerful and emotionally driven the dream – the more consciously and emotionally involved you are.

What are dreams?

Why do our dreams push such strange and unusual memories to the surface? Are they trying to guide our decisions in life, or are they a bridge to our higher consciousness? Why do people have premonition dreams about floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and natural disasters?

The many books and websites listing universal meanings for the archetypal symbols that appear in dreams can be very helpful, but they can also give rise to the misconception that one meaning fits all.

As everyone is an individual and has individual experiences in life, then your dreams are specifically linking into your own moods, experiences and memories – therefore how you identify and feel about particular situations may be totally different to others.

PsychicOz can help guide you through the process of interpreting and unraveling the hidden meanings of your dreams.  By clarifying and finding the real meaning of the messages in your dreams you’ll begin to discover how relevant this information is to your day-to-day life.

Spiritual Visitations in Dreams

In our sleep state we enter different ranges of vibration frequencies and have stilled our mind to communicate with loved ones in spirit. There is a way for you to gain greater clarity on whether or not you have experienced crossing the spiritual bridge between this earth plane and the higher planes.

PsychicOz has assisted countless clients with these contacts and should you wish to clarify if there has been special contact made between your departed friends, family members, loved ones, or family pets, a dream time reading will provide greater clarity and offer you peace of mind.

In psychic readings, PsychicOz has been helping people discover the spiritual messages and moods of their dreams for 33 years.

Premonition Dreams

Recently PsychicOz received calls from people in Canada who dreamt about different types of natural disasters. They were feeling despondent after the dream came true. This can happen to people who experience precognitive dreams. They will be left wondering why they were shown the vision if there was no way to stop the event from taking place. Precognitive dreams are Spirits way of preparing your emotional body to cope. Premonition Dreams can forewarn of a family death, illness, accident, or possibly someone returning to your life.

Precognitive dreams can also show images from the future.
Here’s an example of a great precognitive dream about Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress just before the Royal wedding to Prince William. It shows how accurate precognitive dreams can be.

PsychicOz Psychic can spiritually guide you through the messages of your premonition dreams and help you reach a greater peace of mind. Don’t question yourself – find out if Spirit is reaching out to you.

Recurring Dreams

Have you ever had a recurring dream and wondered what the significance of the dream was about in your life? A large number of people experience recurring dreams and have been unable to tap into the relevance of the hidden messages that the dreams are trying to highlight. They can be quite perplexing, as the dreamer will be left wondering why the same type of dream keeps returning to them.

Recurring dreams are a sign that there is something the dreamer needs to resolve in this lifetime. The subconscious is forcing the dreamer to reflect on the significance of the messages and how it relates to them.

If someone dreams about the same thing continually through-out the years, they are failing to address the issues at hand, so the dream is a reminder that they still need to work on the issue to be able to move forward.

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