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Different Dreams and Their Meanings


As you drift through sleep you may experience dreams that have strange, even bizarre images and the feelings that are connected to them.  As you try to wake up, they may take hold of view in that subtle moment between wake and sleep.  The images can be hard to let go and it is  just as difficult to shake the accompanying feelings.  What could this dream mean?

What are dreams and why are they so disturbing? Do they play a major role in our lives? Are they signs? Are they related to our consciousness? And what about people who have premonitions  about natural disasters ?

Even though there are several books and other sources that list dreams and their meanings, but not every sign means the same thing.  Each person is an individual therefore your dreams and exclusive to you.  Your feelings and experiences with different situations will stir up unique feelings with you.

A psychic who is experienced with interpreting dreams can help guide you through the meanings of your dreams by discover  the real implications of the signs and symbols that you encounter while you sleep.

Spiritual Visitations in Dreams

It is possible that a dearly departed loved one will try to reach out to you in your dream state.  This is because your brain is still and your mind is open to different ideas and thoughts.  You psychic can help you discover what your loved one may be trying to tell you.

Premonition Dreams

People who dream about natural disasters will have serious survivor’s guilt when there dreams come true.   They question the nature of dream that they can do nothing about.   This type of dream doesn’t really exist to enlist you to stop the disaster.  This dream is to prepare you to cope with the fall out of the event.

Precognitive Dreams

You can have dreams that will show you the future. There are several stories about precognitive dreams. These dreams can be eerily accurate.  They shouldn’t be frightening, but if you need help sorting it out, consult your psychic.

Recurring Dreams

Everyone has had a dream that seems to repeat itself.  Having a recurring dream is not uncommon and several people have consulted assistance to help them sort out the meanings of this dream.  This type of dream is usually a sign that there is something that needs to be resolved during this lifetime. It means that the dreamer should think about the dream and what it can mean to their spiritual journey.   If the dream has recurred over years of the dreamer’s lifetime, there is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.

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