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What are your dreams tell you about your health?

Have you ever asked yourself why we dream? Dreaming is our brain’s method to combine memories, solve problems and handle emotions. Thus, dreams are also very important for our emotional health.”

Dreaming is not only important and necessary physical process to help with our memory and mental health, but it also indicates other health issues that need our attention.

Here are some dreaming abnormalities that could potentially indicate some health issues:

Dream frequency indicates a number of conditions

Most people dream about four to six times every night, but they wake up in the morning without being able to remember any of their dreams. Usually, we’re more likely to be able to remember dreams if we wake up before our dream is over. Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression might cause increasing of dream frequency. These disorders cause you to wake more frequently during your sleep, so you remember most of your dreams

Also feeling too hot or cold during the night causes more frequent dreams. And your hormones may have an impact on your dreaming’s frequency and your ability to remember.

Vivid dreams may indicate suffering from certain medical conditions

Vivid or weird dreams arise for a variety of reasons. They may indicate that you are suffering from certain medical issues, including neurodegenerative disorders. There are less frightening reasons for your bizarre dreams as well, so don’t jump to conclusions quickly.

This may surprise  you, but particularly memorable dreams may also indicate a possible infection.

Alcohol can also result in vivid and memorable dreams. The reason is that alcohol’s effect lasts until morning, affecting your brain triggering weird and scary dreams.

Also, medications like antidepressants may cause vivid dreams, and if your medications interfere with your dreams, discuss it with your doctor to switch medications.

Dreams waking you early might be a warning sign for a mood disorder

Dreams that wake you before the alarm goes off, might be a warning sign for a mood disorder such as anxiety or depression. Doctors have noted that people who are suffering from depression or anxiety fall asleep much earlier during the night, so they dream earlier in the night and wake up early.

Another possible reason for waking up from a dream earlier than usual can be a result of heartburn which may happen after having a large fatty meal the night before. If this your case, you might need to consider having a lighter dinner to a assure a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams.

One way you can assure you have restful sleep with pleasant dreams is to take control of your health (and your dreams) by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eating well and minimizing your risk of developing diseases that mess with your dreams is a good start.

You might also try having a healthy snack before bed like a banana and a glass of skim milk, which contains tryptophan, an amino acid that help makes people drowsy and sleep more soundly. By incorporating these good, healthy habits, you are more likely to wake from a night of sweet dreams.

Adopting a healthy life style will help you have pleasant dreams

One way to assure you have restful sleep with sweet dreams is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eat well and minimize your risk of developing diseases and awful dreams.

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