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What Do Dreams Really Mean?

We all know that dreams can be wild and amazing but what happens when you have a nightmare that you are being chased? You might dream that you are hiding and hoping not to be caught. Do these kinds of dreams leave you feeling fearful and worried?

Many people have dreams of being chased. This means that you are dreaming that someone is after you and you want to get away. You might be the one chasing or someone might be chasing you. Sometimes you don’t even know who it is, but you can feel that they are there.

When you have dreams like this, it can leave you feeling fearful and worried.

Chasing Dreams

Many people have dreams of different things such as love, fear, death and more. No one can have all the answers about what a dream means but sometimes you can use the clues around the dream to find out what they mean.

You need to be the person that uses your intuition to find out what your dreams mean to you and what you are going through. People that claim to be dream experts might not really always know what they are talking about because dreams can be subjective to your life.

We know that dreams are part of your active imagination and that Carl Jung talked about how dreams are part of the unconscious mind.

When you dream about being chased, you might find out what the dream means by looking at the symbols that are surrounding the dream.

A person that dreams about being chased might be fearful of something. This can mean that the fear is directed to something that you are worried about.

If you have needs that are not being met, you might have bad dreams, and this can be dreams of being chased. Some experts believe that it is important to know who is chasing you but when people dream, sometimes they don’t even know who is chasing them, but they just feel something there.

Some people will see red eyes or other people will see someone that has gold eyes that is after them. The more you have dreams about being chased, the more you need to observe what the dream is trying to tell you.

Hiding in Dreams

Sometimes a person will dream that they are being chased by something and they find somewhere to hide. You might be in the woods or in a building.

You might be in a place that you have fear of from something in your life but you hide there until the thing that is chasing you goes past you. This can mean that you are fearful of something in your life, and you are hiding it from yourself.

The fear can symbolize that you need to feel protected. Maybe you have a secret that someone has told you and you are trying to keep that secret safe.

So instead of hiding yourself, you are really symbolically protecting someone or some kind of information. This is something that can be represented in your dream as a material thing.

Another reason that people hide in a dream is because they have something to be exposed such as:

  • Some kind of fraud.
  • Something they are being fake about.
  • A topic they are not very knowing about.
  • Something they feel weak about.

Most people that have these dreams have the “imposter syndrome” which means that there is a part of themselves that they are not able to accept.

When you look at this syndrome you can see that there are many leaders that have these feelings. They believe that they are confident, but they are also faking who they are.

These dreams can come in college students that are trying to work through exams or people that are afraid of failing.

Learning About Your Dreams

Once you are open minded about what you are dreaming of, you can find out what is going on inside of you that is causing you to dream.

Find out what is causing you pain and what is giving you stress. Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean that the stresses of life go away.

Some people with mental illnesses will have many nightmares because they are depressed, and they are struggling. A bad dream doesn’t mean you have a mental illness, but it can mean you are struggling.

Will You Die if Caught in a Dream

Getting caught in your dream does not mean you will die. This is a myth, and the truth is that you will wake up.

Chased Dreams

You probably are going through internal conflict but a dream like this can have to do with the medicine you are taking. Look at what you are taking before you go to sleep because some substances can change the way that you dream.

Dreaming of Portals

You need to look at what kind of dreams you are having and know that different cultures will have different dreams. You might dream of communicating with another realm and this can mean that you have went to a different time and space.

Native Americans believe that spirit animals will come in your dreams and give you messages.

Dream Interpretation

There is so much information that you can find online, and it can encourage you to know what your dreams mean. Keep a dream journal so that you can keep up with the different dreams you have and interpret them based on the symbols and images of the dream.

Look back often at your dream journal and try to analyze your dreams. If you need help, look online, and find out what you can learn about your dreams.

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