What Does a Dragonfly Sighting Mean?


People often wonder why they love to look at dragonflies. The beauty of the dragonflies has more than just beauty but also has a shamanic meaning. The dragonfly can mean different things depending on the different cultures around them. A dragonfly can have a spiritual message and it can even be your spirit animal that comes to help you.

Why a Dragonfly?

The dragonfly is an insect that is carnivorous. It is known because of its see-through wings and how graceful it is when it flies. When the dragonfly is a baby, it lives by the water and when it gets bigger and becomes an adult, it usually will only live for about ten more weeks, making their lifespan around five years.

There are more than 3,000 different species of dragonflies and they come on every continent except for Antarctica. They usually live close to water and they eat things like mosquitoes, moths, tadpoles and other insects and fish.

A dragonfly is often thought to be a damselflies. The difference is that a damselflies is one that has folded wings and they are smaller than dragonflies. They have the same colors, and they don’t have as many colors as the dragonflies do.

A dragonfly is great for humans because they eat mosquitoes, and they get rid of bad insects. They also can fly super-fast, up to 35 miles per hour and have thousands of lenses in their eyes.

The Cultures Behind the Dragonfly

There are different meanings behind the dragonfly depending on the culture. They mean different things such as luck, death and even change.

Japanese Dragonfly

The dragonfly is a blessing in the Japanese culture. It is considered a protective insect and works with the sun goddess. This can mean courage and strength if you see one.

Romanian Dragonfly

A dragonfly in Romania is a story in itself. Many believe that the dragonfly was created so that the devil could get across the river. Since the boatman refused to take him, the dragonfly was created and gave him a ride.

USA Dragonfly

A dragonfly in the United States can change. Some believe that it means not to sleep outside because the dragonfly will tie your fingers and toes together. Some think it means that it will rain. When one flies high, it can mean lots of rain but when it flies low it can mean a little bit of rain.

Some believe that if you use a dragonfly as bait, you will catch a bunch of fish.

Navajo Dragonfly

Dragonflies in the Native American culture can mean that there will be good water. It can also mean that they are protected. They often use a dragonfly on war shields because they are considered to be so protective.

Mayan Dragonfly

The Mayan dragonfly is one that means life, rebirth and being nourished.

China Dragonfly

Seeing a dragonfly in China is a positive thing. It can mean that you will see positive energy and that you will have good luck.

Symbols of the Dragonfly

There are different things that the dragonfly can mean for other people. Some believe that this means an angel is watching over them. When you see a dragonfly, you will know that this means that angels are around you and are taking care of you.

Many Dragonflies

When you see different groups of dragonflies, you will see them as a spiritual thing. This can mean that you are going to have growth and that things are going to be good for you. Be the best you can be.

Seeing Two Dragonflies

When you see two dragonflies it can mean that you are experiencing love in your life. It can mean you are a lover and that you are kind and caring. This can be a romantic symbol and sign.

Death and Dying

Seeing a dead or dying dragonfly can mean that you are not trusting your intuition. It can mean that you are needing to get rid of old habits and live your higher and best self. This can mean that you have bad luck coming your way or that you are going to lose someone that you love.

A dying dragonfly can mean that you are going to live a good life in the future.

Does a Dragonfly Mean Good Luck?

The dragonfly can mean that you will have good luck. It can also mean that you are going to be successful. A dragonfly can mean things such as:

  • Strength.
  • Change.
  • Renewal.
  • Joy.
  • Blessings.

Other Meanings of the Dragonfly

Here are some other things that a dragonfly can mean for your life:

  • Change.
  • Positivity.
  • A dead loved one coming to visit you.
  • Energies of your family members.
  • One that follows you can mean that it wants to bring you blessings and luck.
  • It can be your spirit guide.
  • It can help you to control your emotions.
  • Can bring you light and love.
  • Can mean you are going to get abundance.
  • One landing on you means good luck.
  • It can mean to relax.
  • It can mean to calm your mind.
  • Means you need to manifest things to your life.
  • Can mean happiness and cheer.
  • Will leave you enchanted.

Dreaming of a Dragonfly

When you dream of a dragonfly it can mean that you are getting messages from the spirit world. It can also mean that you are stressed, and you need to calm down. When you dream of two, it can mean you are going to find romance soon.

Colors of Dragonflies

The color of the dragonfly can change the meaning. Here is what they mean:

  • Blue: This can mean you are creative, and you can communicate well.
  • Yellow: This can mean you are going to have joy and that you are a light to others. It can mean you should guide and be kind to others.
  • Red: This color can mean that you are going to have love that lasts. If you are married, your marriage will be long. If you are single, it can mean you will find love.
  • Green: A green dragonfly can mean that you are going to have a new beginning. It also can mean that you are going to have new things happen for you.