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Feather Sighting

What Does a Feather Sighting Mean for You?

The Native American culture sees the feather different than others do. They see this as a sign of strength and a spiritual sign about connecting with the universe. Their favorite feather to find is an eagle feather and they believe that this is a gift from the universe and that it can heal them.

The eagle is one of the most exciting and fearless birds and when they find a feather, it is a sign of being brave.

Colored Feathers

There are different colors that have to do with the chakras or the energy centers in the body. Just like these colors of the chakras, feather colors can be associated with the different energies in the body. Just like each of the chakras have a color associated with them, the feather colors are associated with different meanings:


White feathers are a sign of being spiritual. This feather can raise your vibrational frequency and help you to be recharged. This is a great day when you find a white feather.


Red feathers are part of the Root chakra. When you find a red feather, it can help you to open up your spine and can help you to feel balanced. The Root chakra helps you to feel safe and secure and when you find a red feather, it can mean you are going to find money or get a new job.

This feather can also make you feel grounded and will help you to feel good and to feel strong and have an overall wellbeing.


The blue feather is associated with the throat chakra.  This is the chakra that helps you to speak truth and to be honest with yourself and others.

When you find a blue feather, it can mean that you need to speak truth and do the right things in your life. Talk to your guides and see what information they want to share with you.


A yellow feather is part of the Solar Plexus chakra color. This is the place where you can control your feelings and have strong personal power.

Finding a yellow feather can mean that you need to increase your intuition and that you need energy. This feather can help you to learn to know who you are.

A green feather can be part of the Heart chakra color. This is the chakra that is the energy center and is found where your heart is.

This can help you to forgive and to heal and it helps you to have unconditional love. When you find a green feather, it can mean that you have love, and you need to love yourself more.


Orange is a color associated with the Sacral chakra. This is where you can have confidence and sexuality and where your creativity is from.

When you find an orange feather, you can use it to help boost your self-esteem and help you to be stronger in your mind, body, and soul.


Pink is a great color if you want to have love and compassion for yourself and others. This is the color that can help you to find kindness and love.

Finding a pink feather can mean that the universe wants you to have goodness in your life and wants to bring you fortune.


Grey feathers can mean that your life is neutral and that you are flexible and real.


Purple is the color of the Crown chakra and is the place where you connect with your higher powers and with the universe.

Finding a purple feather can mean that you are going to reach your awakening and that you are going to go through painful times. This can mean that you are connected with people in a deep way and that you are growing.


Brown feathers can mean you love nature and that you want to be one with nature. It can mean that you want to have a foundation with your life and with the things that are going on around you.

A brown feather can mean that you need to make sure that you are doing good in your actions and being mindful.


Black feathers can mean that you are doing shadow work and that you need to grow and be protected from hard things.

You need to take time to look inside and find out if you are fearful of something or if you are living a good life. Learn to change yourself and face the things that are uncomfortable to you. This colored feather can mean you are increasing your vibrations and you are getting stronger.

Dreaming of Feathers

When you dream of a feather, it can be the same as dreaming about birds. Each bird in your dream will have a different meaning and so will the feathers.

You can dream of an owl feather or a peacock feather and these can be positive things about what is going on in your life.

Bird feathers aren’t the only feathers that you dream about but you can dream about angel feathers. This can mean that you have goals in your life that you want to reach.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to what is going on around you and see if you have a feather sighting. These can happen at anytime and they can be signs form the universe that you are going to reach a higher place in your being.

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