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Why Empaths Fall in Love

Why Empaths Fall in Love

Have you ever fallen in love with potential and you know that you can have your heart broken and can have a hard time moving forward?

Here are some things that can help you to know that you are worthy and help to heal you:


Never feel shame for being in a relationship because you were waiting for there to be change. There is nothing to be ashamed about because when you see good in another person, this is something you want to celebrate. You might should have walked away earlier but when you saw hope and love, you just chose to stay. You never have to be ashamed of fighting for someone.


When you are empathetic to people and you give yourself to others, you will attract many people to yourselves. This makes you feel magnetic because you are always wanting to fix people. You have hope and you know that you can take hope with you but sometimes this can be a red flag. This can make you have unrealistic expectations in your relationship.

If you are looking at your relationship and find out that it is very difficult, you have to know what is real and what is not a real reality.

Who You Are?

When you are an empath, you are fast to ignore certain behaviors because you know that no one is perfect. You have to learn to hold people accountable and if you do not, there will be red flags in your relationship. You will see these red flags in different ways and the way you deal with people. People cannot hide who they are, and you will know this if you pay attention.

Fixing People

Many empaths feel that they can love someone so much that it fixes others. They will try to transfer their feelings to them and be responsible for them, helping them to grow.

Some people do not want to grow and be better and so they will take up your time. They have to learn to transform who they are in the inside before they can work on the outside. Working towards their potential is hard.

Empaths sometimes fall for people who they think will change and this can become a toxic relationship.

Letting Go

It is hard to let go of hope when you have so much of it. You will see that there are times that you have put others on a pedestal, and you are trying to balance their personality with the feelings that they will change.

You feel determined to love them more and to try to change them. You do not want to let go of your security and if you are always laying your love down, it can be hard for you to move forward and be happy.

Change is something that is hard, and it is hard to see when someone does not change. Giving up is not something an empath is used to but when you give them all the help they need and they do not change, you need to realize they are not about that.

Clear Thinking

If you have the idea of letting go, give yourself time to see things in reality. Ask yourself if you should stop putting some much effort into that person and if you did, what would happen.

You might find that the answer is that you are fighting for someone and they do not really care enough about you to change or to better themselves. You have to see that some people are not worth the time that you are giving them, and you deserve more in life and love.


You can see a good person but that does not mean that they are going the be the person for you. Being attached to a relationship can be toxic for you and you need to stop allowing them to be dependent on you.

You have to stop giving your energy to someone that is not giving the same back to you. See things in reality and see that they are never going to give you what you need. Attachment and love are not the same thing.

Person for Life

The person that you meet is going to be with you for a long time and so you need to know if you want that person if they never change. If there was no potential to change are you going to be happy and want to stay?

If you really reflect on the answer, chances are the answer would be no because it brings disappointment in your life. You cannot imagine always being exhausted in your heart and you deserve more.


When you have space in your heart for people that are not filling this space, block them. You spend too much of your time begging someone for attention then you need to step away. Stop nurturing them and do not miss out on what the world has for you because you are distracted with someone that is undeserving.

Open your heart and see that you have a lot of potential elsewhere.


If someone is not giving you what you need, you deserve better. No one should make you feel insecure and you should not always be giving your heart to someone that is not going to change and be with you the way you need them to be. You deserve to be happy and to have someone to be what you see in them.

You deserve to know that someone you are with is honest and caring and that they love you the way that you love them. Even if you don’t believe in them, they are out there, and you are worthy to find real love.

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