11 Ways You Can Stay Inspired to Reach Your Dreams

Inspired to Reach Your Dreams

Inspiration can at times elude us.  When you are working towards achieving goals, but stuck waiting for inspiration’s spark of genius it can drag us down.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to create a space to cultivate inspiration rather than waiting for it to strike.  Considering implementing some of the following tips into your day to make inspiration more attainable.

  1. Reduce stress: Stress is an instant inspiration killer!  Be proactive when it comes to self-care so you can readily manage it before it accumulates in your life.  Weave practices like meditation, journaling, exercise, napping, gardening, taking a hot soak, savoring a hot beverage, reading, dancing, listing to music, laughing, creating art, or surrounding yourself with nature into you daily tasks.
  2. Treat your body well: When you are physically unwell, you impede inspiration.  Ensure you are getting ample restorative sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising, staying hydrated, and exercising so you can facilitate inspiration entering your life.
  3. Make goals into manageable steps: Having smaller action items towards your goals allows you to stay focused and motivated.  Smaller or easier to manage tasks help you visualize a path to success.
  4. Make a motivation list: When you have a big goal, it can be helpful to write out all the reasons you wish to achieve the goal and what it will add to your life!
  5. Create community! No person is an island.  By gathering stories of success, can both be uplifted and cultivate new ideas for how to achieve your dreams.  Plus, community will help lift you up when you are feeling down or on the verge of being overwhelmed.
  6. Make a Vision Board: Visions boards can be comprised of collages, writings, paint, stickers, string, and more!  Let this art serve as a tangible aspect of the vision you are working toward.  Set up in a space you pass by often so you see it frequently and regard it as a visual cue of what you are manifesting and the benefits the goal will bring into your life.
  7. Share your Progress: Talking about all the great work you are achieving and the goals for you next steps, will help you see how far you have come and generate enthusiasm within yourself and community.
  8. Keep a notepad nearby: Inspiration can strike at any time!  Having a notepad or your phone nearby will help you capture great insight as it hits as well as help you process previous great ideas.  Take each goal and thoughts seriously, you are making things happen!
  9. Seek out great ideas: Discover new podcasts, movies, exhibits, TED talks, books, social media outlets, etc. that share similar goals to yours.  Engaging with these channels will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind and how to keep moving toward success.
  10. Celebrate even the little moments! Every milestone you achieve is bringing you closer to success, so it is import to celebrate!  All too often we are quick to criticize or judge, but we are slow to share the joyful impacts.  Honoring the positive strides helps to balance out our negative impulses.  Consider having a mini dance party, enjoying a celebratory treat, catch up with a loved one, sing, or relish a deep exhale.  Let the joy of the milestone wash over you, even if only for a few minutes.
  11. Have fun! Work doesn’t always have to be intense; we can take pleasure in it too. Experiencing joy stimulates your imagination, balances stress, and improves both sleep and diet.  When you step away from the hardships and return with a fresh mindset gives you new perspective that will benefit your work.  Cultivating joy is an essential part of the creative process rather than a distraction.


Regard the tools for fostering inspiration as part of the creative process of working towards achieving your goals.  Commit to incorporating them into your plans and value their impact on your process.  When you take steps to maintain a nurturing space for inspiration, you may find your work becomes just a bit easier.  Although it might take a bit more effort, the return can be invaluable.