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Aura Colors When in Love

Aura Colors When in Love

Love has been described in many ways such as a color, something that makes the world better, vibrant aura, and other ways.  Most people do not know that emotions, especially the emotion of love, causes their aura to change colors.  The aura can tell many things about what people are feeling and what kind of relationships they have.

Human Aura

The aura is a color layer of energy that surrounds the entire bide.  This is referred to as psychic energy.  All things that are alive have an aura.  Human auras are made up of three levels:

  • Etheric layer-the one closest to the body that tells about the physical body.
  • Emotional layer-this one is the colored layer that keeps the feelings, goes about three inches from the body.
  • Mental layer-this holds together the mind processing and goes three to eight inches from the body.

The aura gives information about what a person is feeling physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Each thing that goes on in the body can be seen in the aura.

The aura holds information about the past, present and future and can show the past lives, as well.

The aura holds a record of what happened and is happening in the body and each layer has a different vibrational frequency because of the energy in the body.

The auras can be seen with the physical or the Third Eye.

If you are attuned to someone that you know, you might feel that you have known them forever and that you have strong feelings for them in just a minute after meeting them.  This means you can sense their aura.

Some psychics can read auras and interpret what the colors mean.  When an aura is romantic, it can attract intimacy between people.

Love Aura

When you fall in love, everything seems brighter such as the sun, stars, the grass and everything seems happy.  You see things in a stronger way, and everything feels alive.

Your aura shows your emotions and your feelings and the first things that change is the color of your aura.  A color pink of the aura and red mean that you are in love.

Bright pink is part of compassion and being sensitive and in love while red is sensual and a passion that you have for someone.

Your aura also changes based on how intense your emotions are.  These colors will change when you are in love and when you are having intimacy with someone.

Early Love Stages

When you are in the first part of your relationship, your aura will be a purplish color because it means there is more passion.  This makes your relationship stronger and then your aura might become red.  This is from the middle of your body.

When your aura turns red, it means that you are more attuned to your partner and the relationship is full of harmony.  When it is pink, it means that you are in a pure relationship.

The changing of your aura can happen when you are with someone different.  Your aura can also affect other people.  If you want to know if someone loves you, you can pay attention to their aura.

Checking Your Partner’s Aura

When you want to know what your partner is feeling, let their aura tell you.  Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Look at their forehead.
  • Stare at it for 60 seconds.
  • Let your vision blur but don’t stop staring.
  • The aura will become visible at this point and you will see spots surrounding them.

When you practice this, it will become more natural for you and you will be able to see more colors of auras and more people’s auras.

You can get a psychic to help you see auras and give you knowledge that is hidden.

Relationship Reading

When you want to know what your partner is feeling, you can go to a psychic and get a reading done.  Some psychics can do astral readings and can determine if you are in love or if you are even ready for love.  You can find out if your relationship is in sync with your partner or if there are blocks in your relationship.

You can let your psychic travel astrally to your partner and see what their aura color is and how to make the relationship stronger.

Find a good psychic that you trust and make an appointment with them so you can get more insight on your love.

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