Find Your Spouse in Your Dreams

Find Your Spouse in Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams and many people are fascinated by the dreams that they have. Dreams are often sent to people from their spirit guides, and they are part of what lies in their soul. There are many people such as athletes, writers, musicians, artists and more that feel that they are creative because of the energies that move through their body. Some of these people feel that they dream these creative things and it allows them to be even more creative than they ever were.

Lucid dreaming is another kind of dream where you are in control of what happens in your dream. These kinds of dreams can deliver messages to you and help you to make important decisions in your life.

Maybe you will have a conversation in your dream that will tell you what you should do or will help you to be more artistic. Maybe the meeting in your dreams will be about someone that you are soon to cross paths within your life.

Art and language go hand in hand just as dreams and meditation go hand in hand. All of these things are part of the imagination and visualization, and they help to increase your psychic intuition. If you have someone that you know that is a math whiz, chances are that person might even dream of numbers and be able to solve harder problems than ever before.

Focus on what you want in your life and learn to mediate. Do some yoga poses and concentrate on the projects that you have and what you want to achieve. Learn to tune into your life and to be engaged in what you are doing. Take deep breaths and notice how you feel when you have these quiet times.

When you wake up from a dream and you feel like you cannot breathe, chances are you have experienced astral travel. Astral travel is when you let your soul leave your body and it goes outside of the physical world and can go into other people’s dreams or other places. Your soul will join your body again and this is what causes the gasping for air.

When you practice visualizing things in your dream, you can use images to help you know what is good for you. You can ask your guides to lead you and to help you to go back to your body. Imagine that there are stairs that lead to your dreams and back to your body. When you feel warm and you become awake, you are now aware of your experiences.


Take time to write down in your journal when you dream. Do this so that you do not miss something important or so that you can remember your dreams later. You will have many things revealed to you in your dream, some that you do not understand right away. This can lead to an awakening in your life. You can work with the planet to help you and to make things better.

The planet wants you to be on a journey. Synchronicity happens but it is no accident. Things never happen by accident but for reasons. There are no coincidences.

When you are going through your awakening, you are going to reach joy and happiness, but it takes courage and time. Be patient, listen to what your guides are telling you and be thankful for what you have. If you have unforgiveness, learn to forgive and that will release you from repeating your pasts. Stay in your life in the present and find out what great things await you in your future.