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Meeting Your Spouse To Be In Your Dreams

Dreams is not just a dream.. It depicts something… Creativity and dreams are often messages from source, are written in our DNA, and reside in the soul and spiritual dimensions of humanity. Many artists and musicians, athletes and writers report feeling that the making of art, the playing of music, the athletic abilities and the writing of stories comes from energies moving through them.

A friend of mine was painting a picture of a woman he had never met but later he wrote down his dreams and started to practice lucid dreaming in that state of light sleep. And this woman became a frequent visitor in his dreams. Later in his life he saw a woman in a coffee house that reminded him of his dream visitor—in fact he felt she was a doppelganger. The two grew quite close and ended up engaged and later married.

She felt from their very first conversation in the café that she knew this man though she could not quite place from when and where. She shared his interest in visual art and was an art therapist. One wonders how their meeting each other in their dreams may have been the catalyst that caused their paths to cross in waking life. Oddly, she had dreams since she was a teen of a painter painting a picture of her and her groom on their wedding day.

The relationship between art, language, symbols, music, dreams, meditation, hypnosis, prayer and visualization is that each one of these things will improve intuition and psychic abilities. My brother, a mathematician, would solve very difficult mathematical equations while dreaming. I believe that ability to focus his dreams came from years of Zen Buddhism. Even sitting in the lotus position or cross-legged for about 10 minutes a day while focusing on a bright object or while the eyes are closed will make you more attuned to your divine self. Be sure that while you are engaged in this process that you follow your breath—first breathing deeply through the nose and out the mouth. Feel a silver cord connecting you to the earth. When you are ready, feel a golden bubble of protection that only allows that which you give permission to enter into this safe space. Practice contracting and expanding this protection with your breath.

When we awake suddenly from a dream, gasping for breath, it can suggest that the astral body or soul moved outside the physical body to a place far away or even just hovering a few feet above the physical body. It is the physical body joining again with the astral body that causes this phenomenon of gasping to catch a breath. If you practice lucid dreaming or if you visualize what source has to say to you through guided imagery and shamanic or new age music, always begin your practice asking all involved to act only in a manner for the highest good of all involved. At the end of such practice, thank your guides and count backwards from nine, feeling yourself slowly floating down to earth on a magical spiral staircase from the stars. Notice that you are returning to a waking state as you gently reintegrate into your body, feeling warm, completely awake and aware of your experience.

Keep a journal of your journeys and consider working with a partner or a group of other people interested in such experiences and their special value to us as human beings. Many blessings to all and an affirmation that each of us has creativity, intuition and metaphysical abilities. The time of 2012 is a spiritual awakening to knowing and love. Together a better path for humanity, planet and all of life awaits.

Listen to the heartbeat of the divine. A healing journey for the planet, its people, and all of its living beings (plants, animals and microbes) are here for a reason. And truly there are no accidents. Synchronicity means that events happen for a reason. There are no coincidences. We have reached a tipping point and joyful transformation awaits those who walk the talk, and those that are awakening.

Here’s to love, courage and abundance. Listen to spirit, live by example, exude a joyful knowing, give gratitude to your guides, forgive those who have wronged you, reminisce and learn from the past so that you are not destined to repeat it, stay present in the now, act with intention and embrace the positivity of your possible futures.

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