Precognitive or Premonition Dreams

Premonition Dreams

People spend at least a couple of hours each night dreaming. Most people aren’t surprised by this, but these are the same people that don’t often remember their dreams. Other people have very vivid dreams and so when they dream it might seem like they are dreaming all night. There are even people that have premonition or precognitive dreams. This means that they are dreaming things that can predict the future.

There are different things that have to happen for a dream to be called a precognitive dream including:

  • The dream has to be recorded or you have to tell someone about the dream before the prophecy comes true.
  • The dream has to have many unique details and not be something that can happen by chance.
  • The dream has to not include any knowledge that you might already have.
  • When dreaming a telepathy dream, or talking to other people while dreaming cannot influence the premonition that the dream is giving.

Dreams and the Future

Science doesn’t have evidence that shows that people can dream dreams that tell the future. Some research is there that shows that dreams can predict some kind of sickness or mental problem that a person might end up having. A person with Cancer might dream of their body being taken over by sickness.

When someone is in different times in their life, they might have dreams or  nightmares that show them things. People that are pregnant often have wild dreams that are very vivid. If you are someone that has went through a traumatic event, it can cause people to have more nightmares.

Some people believe in lucid dreaming and even though these dreams don’t tell the future, you are aware of your dreams and you are able to control them during this kind of sleep and dreaming.

Premonition Dreams

There are some dreams that have been recorded and are considered premonition dreams. Here are some examples of these types of dreams:

Abraham Lincoln Dream

Abraham Lincoln told people that he dreamed he was going to die. He told his friend, Ward Hill Lamon the dream and he later retold the dream.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of people crying and when he went to figure out why they were crying, he found a corpse that was ready for a funeral. He asked the people in the dream what happened, and they told him that the president was assassinated. Lamon pointed out that Lincoln was upset when he told of the dream.

Lincoln later told Lamon that the president in his dream that was assassinated was not himself but that it was another president. But he was assassinated a few nights later.

Aberfan Landslide

A landslide waste happened in 1966 from a coal mine. This killed 144 students and teachers because it hit into a local school in South Wales of Aberfan.

A psychiatrist named John Barker came to the village after this happened and he found that 76 people dreamed that this landslide was going to happen. One dream was from a 10 year old girl named Eryl Mai. She told her mother that she had dreamed that her school was no longer there and it was covered by something that was black.

Robert Kennedy

The assassination of Robert Kennedy was reported by a dream that two people had. The reports were accurate psychic dreams according to the Premonitions Bureau. Kathleen Middleton reported the first dream and then she called the Premonitions Bureau three times to try and get them to listen to her dream. He was shot the next day.

Why Do Precognitive Dreams Happen?

There are different thoughts as to why these kinds of dreams happen. Some believe that selective recall can happen. This means that when a dream predicts the future, you will remember the dream more than a dream that didn’t change or predict the future.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

This is a dream that is positive. This can mean that people that have a high tolerance for ambiguity will have more premonition dreams than others.

Paranormal Thoughts

Some believe that those that believe in the paranormal will have more precognitive dreams. They think that people that believe in these things will be able to find connections from the dreams to the real world.


There are some people that believe that cognitive dreams are not really interpreted as real life. They believe that the dreams might just be a coincidence in what you dream and what really happens.

Subconscious Thoughts

There are some dreams that happen based on emotions that people have and based on memories. That means that when someone dreams of something, it can happen because of something that they saw before they went to sleep. The dream might direct them to make a different decision than they planned on making.

What Happens with Precognitive Dreams Now?

Precognitive dreams are something that might not ever be proven by science. Some people believe that it is important to study dreams so that they can find out where the dreams come from and why. The dreams might help people to get a better understanding of what the future has to offer.