Different Kinds of Dreams

Types of Dreams

This is when you are both awake and asleep and it can happen up to 120 minutes each day. Daydreaming will happen when you are using your imagination and you let your mind wander. This can happen in different levels, and it can cause you to be less aware of what is going on in your life.

False Awakening Dreams

If you have ever thought that you were awake, but you are up doing things that you do on a daily basis such as brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, this can be false awakening. This can happen when you are thinking that you are doing something to realize that you are just dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming

These happen when you are sleeping but you are aware that you mind is awake. This can happen when you realize you are dreaming, and some people practice this as a skill so that they can influence the dream without waking up.


When you have a nightmare, this can be a scary dream that will cause you to be afraid or to wake up stressed. This can happen because of situations in your life that have been stressful. People can have PSN or Post Traumatic Stress Nightmare. This can happen when you refuse to accept things in life that are negative.

Some people have a history of nightmares, and some might even consider suicide to get rid of their nightmares.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are dreams that repeat themselves. The story can be different and most of the time the story line is positive, but it can cause you to have nightmare themes. The dreams can happen because of conflicts in your life that are being ignored. Once you figure out how to solve your problems the dream will probably stop happening.

Healing Dreams

These are dreams that come with your health in mind. These were labeled by the Ancient Greeks as prodrome which means having to do with health. Some believe that these dreams can help you not to have health problems and can heal you when you are sick in your mind or body.

Some people believe that if you have migraine or asthma that you will have dreams before an attack comes. Your body will help you to communicate with your mind and will let your body know when things are not right like they should be.

Some believe that healing dreams come as a warning to help advice you to get help.

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams are considered precognitive or psychic dreams because they help to tell the future. Your mind is dreaming and putting information together that you might normally overlook. This kind of dream works with your unconscious mind and helps you to know things before they happen.

Signal Dreams

Signal dreams happen so that you can make better decisions.

Epic Dreams

These dreams are also called Great Dreams or Numinous Dreams. These dreams are very interesting, and they are so vivid that they are hard to ignore. These dreams can have goodness and make you feel that you have found something that you were missing in your life. These are life-changing dreams.

Progressive Dreams

These kinds of dreams come in sequences in different nights. The dream will continue where it left off and these dreams help you to solve problems and figure out different situations.

Mutual Dreams

Mutual dreams happen when two people have the same dream. These can be planned such as two people working to have the same dream.

Mutual dreams can also be spontaneous, and you might have these dreams with a spouse, a friend or someone in your family. This can be a dream that happens the same night or it can happen at different times.