What Do Dying Dreams Mean?

Dying Dreams

Are you one of those people that listen to superstitions, and you wonder that if you have a dream and die in it that you will die in real life as well? Even though this is something that some people say will happen, no one has ever really known anyone that this actually happened to.

There are many people that you can find online that have lived through a death dream and can tell you all about it. This shows us that we will not die from dreaming of death, but it doesn’t tell us what dying dreams actually mean.

Freud was a big dream guy and he believed that dreams had to do with the unconscious mind. He believed that if you were dreaming that your unconscious was experiencing something new. Now this makes me wonder if that means that when we experience death in a dream that we experience what death is really like or does it just mean something is wrong?

Many people love looking at science and finding out how to interpret dreams but since dreams are such a big thing chances are that you will search and study and never really find all the answers.

If you know anything about Tarot cards you know that the Death card is one that many people hate to get. The truth is that the Death card does not mean real death, but it is a card of new beginnings. This can be the same thing for dreams too.

There are dreams that can be interpreted in different ways and if you die in a dream, this is just part of the dream world.

Here are some different interpretations that people have made about dying dreams:

  • Something Ending

Death and the symbol of death does not always mean something is ending but it can mean the end of something. This can mean that your job, marriage, or your life is changing and that something inside of you needs to die so that something new can start.

When you dream of death it can mean something in your life has closed or that you need to end something that you are doing. This is just a change, and you should be prepared for it.

  • Rebirth

Another thing that dreams of death can mean is a new beginning. When there is an ending to something, something new comes and it is fresh. When you dream of dying, it can mean that you are changing and that things are happening in your life that will be positive. Just allow the change to be positive.

  • Anxiousness

If you are currently stressed about your everyday life, chances are you will not sleep well. When you have dreams of death when you are stressed or worried about something, it can mean that you are just wanting to escape things in your life. This can be your job or your relationships.

This kind of dream can mean that you need to get rid of your stress and face the problems that you are having.

  • Good Omen

One of the biggest fears about dying in a dream is that something bad is going to happen to you. The truth is, dreaming about your own death means that you can see your life as positive, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

This can mean you will have strength, long life, and peace in your life. Accept this dream so that you can enjoy abundance.

  • True Feelings

You need to be who you are and if you are ignoring yourself and not handling your feelings, chances are you will have dreams of death. This dream can mean that you are having things in your life that should be dying.

Maybe your chakras are unbalanced, and you are lying or doing things wrong. Let your chakras become balanced and learn to speak truth and talk about the feelings you are having.

  • Acceptance of Death

Some people that die in their dreams say that it is a positive experience. This can mean that you are accepting of death and that you are no longer afraid of what dying will mean for you.

Some people have a constant fear of the unknown and when they have dreams of dying, they begin to see that dying is a union of love and not something negative. This can be a spiritual thing and a knowledge that everyone is going to die sometimes and not to let fear of death consume you.