When You Dream About Your Ex

Dream About Your Ex

Do you ever dream about your ex and wonder why you keep having these dreams? These dreams can be upsetting but the truth is, they can mean anything. These dreams have different interpretations and there is no real answer as to what your dream means.

When you break up with someone it can cause you to have a lack of sleeping. When this happens, it can cause you to begin to obsess over your ex and not sleeping can cause you to dream. Even after you start dating again, you still might feel sad over the breakup. You might feel that you are missing out on something in your life and you might feel that you can’t make sense over what is going on. Maybe you look at their social media and it gives you knew feelings again.

Why do you keep dreaming about your ex? There are times that you will remember the dreams that you have about your ex and sometimes you will even find yourself thinking about the dream when you are awake.

What Do Ex Dreams Mean?

There are different dreams that people have and everyone interprets them different. You need to make sure that you aren’t getting stuck in your dreams or causing your dreams to make you miss your ex more. You will find that your dreams about your ex can be different. Maybe you dreamed that he cheated on you, and you felt hurt or upset. You might have had a dream of them being funny or a dream of them stalking you. These dreams can all mean that you are facing trauma.

Dreaming about your ex is something that comes out from what you are feeling. If you feel that you are insecure or that you are to able to move forward, these dreams can come to you. The dreams might be there so that you can release trauma that you are facing.

Some people experience trauma and the emotions that come with the trauma cause you to get trapped. These are things people often choose to not deal with and it can cause there to be sickness in the mind or the body.

Emotional trauma can cause you to have problems in your body and it can affect your mind and your emotions. Dreaming about your ex can be your mind trying to process the emotional trauma that you face with your breakup. The trauma might be more than you ever imagined.

Mistake About Ex Dreams

You cannot believe that your dreams about your ex are there to keep you trapped. You need to stop looking at the dreams as a sign about your ex and even stop looking deeper into your dreams. Your dreams don’t always mean anything that really has to do with your ex. This can mean they are still toxic and it can also mean that you are trying to find validation in your life.

Dreaming about your ex can mean that you have been traumatized and your heart is trying to figure out how to heal.

Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?

There are some reasons you might dream about your ex such as:

No Closure

If you were in a relationship and you haven’t had closure, you are probably dreaming of your ex for this reason. If you feel that you didn’t get the closure you needed then it can mean that you are not able to face the end of the relationship.

Feeling Elsewhere

You are not able to put your feelings other places because you aren’t facing what you are feeling. Don’t be mad at yourself just because you are having dreams.


You might be unhappy in your current relationship or in other things in your life such as your career.


You keep stalking your ex to find out what they are up to.

Drugs or Alcohol

You are taking drugs or alcohol and it is triggering feelings that you have.

Final Thoughts

You and your ex broke up for a reason and your dreams don’t mean that you are meant to be back with them. You are independent and you need to live your life free. Just because you are having dreams, it doesn’t mean that you are needing to get back with your ex. Live your best life and move forward without being hooked on your ex. Let your dreams be your dreams and live on.